Founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei said the company Does not Need the US

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A few days ago, the American commerce department said it would again allow trading with Chinese giant Huawei. Today, the founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei says, “We can survive very well without the U.S. The China-U.S. trade talks are not something I'm concerned with." He said that it isn't a factor of the trade war because "we have virtually no business dealings in the U.S., and there has been no confrontation with the U.S."

Last year Huawei bought many products from American suppliers includes Alphabet Inc, Microsoft tools, and chips and pay 11 billion dollars. Now, Huawei claims that we can survive without U.S. help, and the company is working on its chips and software. Ren Zhengfei also says, "Huawei is making its 5G network products without any American technology, and we don't expect the U.S. to remove Huawei from the entity list. They may as well keep us there forever because we'll be fine without them." It may be possible in the future that the trade war between two superpower countries China and the U.S., will come to an end, and then Huawei's relationship with America would get better.

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