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Foxconn Shrinks Overtime causes iPhone Holiday Sale Drop Down 5 to 10 Percent


A piece of information leaked on Tuesday says the Foxconn, Taiwan contract manufacturer reduced over time that the company assigned to its assembly line workers.  Due to Christmas holiday iPhone sale has dropped by 5% to 10% so contract manufacture decided to decrease over time for iPhone manufacturing.


 The demand of the smartphone fell below expectations in Christmas holidays. As per Rakers prediction, Apple will sell out 74.7 million iPhone units in the existing quarter.  Note that current quarter contains important holidays and shopping season as well. Last year Apple sold 74.5 million iPhone units which are a bit lower than the current Rakers prediction.

Furthermore, in the third quarter of the last year Apple earned $18 billion, hardly any mobile company has earned this much amount in a single quarter. The biggest reason of earning $18 billion is that Apple increased size of the device from 4 inches to 4.7 inches and definitely new inspiring design as well. Apple also added 5.5 inch screen in iPhone 6 Plus. Whereas, the screen size of new releases iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is same but 3D feature is quite exciting feature which makes the device more interesting.  3D feature differentiates iPhone 6s from its predecessor.


The company also gave enhanced camera such as 12 MP rare camera and 5 MP front facing camera as selfie shooter. The device has many other interesting features than vigor a person to buy and feel smooth touch of the phone.Apple was expecting that iPhone's demand will surge, but it is the other way around. All in all Rakers predictions seems to be proved erroneous because the current report shows 5% to 10% drop down on sale of the iPhone so anyone can’t say a single word about the fiscal earnings.