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French Website reveal that Samsung Galaxy S6 will come in metal chassis

We all know about project Zero which associates with the upcoming mobile of Samsung known as Galaxy S6. Well this is not new and many rumors and news appeared on the internet related to the smartphone because the mobile is getting ready to make the appearance and in couple of months the handset will introduce.

Before this many images revealed over the internet but now French website published a bunch of information about Galaxy S6 and according to that the handset has metal chassis but we cannot say anything confirmed because they might be the predicted information and we have to wait more until the smartphone did not get the official announcement. The design of the handset is still mysterious and users are keenly waiting to know more about the smart phone.


 The expected specifications of the smartphone Galaxy S6 are 5.5 inches large QHD display, Octa Core processor with the pair of Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 system on chip which has the ability of 64- bit architectural process. Samsung will place 3 GB RAM inside the device with 32 GB on board memory which can be extended externally.

This Galaxy S6 is the first biggest flagship of the company for the year 2015 and will charge a bit from the users in comparison of previously launched Galaxy S5 because the new handset will come many positive changes but we need to wait bit for clarification of the changes made in Samsung Galaxy S6.