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Galaxy Note 4 model number N910 specification leaked

Samsung always try to reveal their flagships quarterly basis; in first quarter of this year Samsung released Galaxy S5 and have a plan to launch their other flagship named Galaxy Note 4 model number N910. Till now we did not have much information about the second flagship but now there is no more secrecy for this flagship, all features are on the surface and in front of us.

According to the sources company is launching two versions of the same product, one goes in North America, China, Japan and South Korea and the other version hits the other markets. North American version has a Snapdragon 805 system on chip and the other version uses Samsung’s own designed Exynos chipset. Recent report confirms that both devices have a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED QHD display with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolutions.

Beside the display other expected specification are here. Galaxy Note 4 has a 16 mega pixel rear camera with optical image stabilization which is Sony made. The device has a 2 Mega Pixel camera. The Galaxy Note 4 has a same sensor which the Galaxy S5 has. Samsung adds another interesting feature in Galaxy Note 4 that is a UV (Ultraviolet) sensor. This feature allows the users to get the better auto brightness controlling function and gives the fine quality and reduces the red eye strain from the images while capturing. This seems to be the more efficient feature which Samsung adds on their new device named Galaxy Note 4.

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