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Galaxy Note 4 Receive Software increasing the Battery Life Update

It is not very late Samsung did a big job fixing many bugs. It was an April that Samsung released right in time a firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S5 which cleaned quite a few bugs from the smartphone. It was done before the latterlaxy was launched globally. This is not the case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung has a well thought plan for this Note. Samsung has a logical stage wise plan to launch Galaxy Note 4. Galaxy S5 and Note 4 received similar treatment from the company. Although Galaxy Note 4 is being sold in many markets of the world till it is not launched globally. Like Galaxy S5 this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will also received a firmware before it is commonly available in the markets.


Samsung is releasing update for the firmware focusing at the battery of the tablet. The aim is to enhance the battery life of the tablet. The update bears the name XXU1ANJ4. It claims very high as regard the performance of tablet and it also claims that it will improve stability in the functionality of Galaxy Note 4. The most important is improvement in the battery life. Samsung already has high ranking in performance of batteries in their devices. They are also well known for endurance and long life with Quad HD display on board. Samsung further claim improvement in battery life with this firmware being released as updates.

Generally there is no complained from the users regarding the endurance of battery and its performance after it is fully charged. It is not known how much improvement shall be seen after the update by Samsung. Whatever improvement, maybe nominal will be regarded highly by the users.

The Notes not yet delivered by the company and has yet to come will be pre installed with this update. The owners need not worried about downloading and installing the firmware. To find it in your tablet go to settings > About phone > Software update and check for the battery-improving firmware. It will be right there waiting to welcome you.

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