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Galaxy Note 4 to would able to measure the sun energy

Samsung specially emphasize the health and fitness features on their devices. Very first Samsung installed the S health application on their device. The purpose of this application is to collect and analyzes the health data and keep the person aware of their health issues. After the successful installation of this app, Samsung attached the heart rate monitor with their new flagship named “Galaxy S5” but, many people have objection on this application because of the serving of third party perform the same function.

According to Samsung, the company is about to embed an ultraviolet sensor. The sensor placed on the frontage of the New Galaxy Note 4. As the reports confirm the sensor is able to measure the amount of Ultraviolet energy. The sensor becomes active automatically in the sun light and let the user be aware from the skin burn and sun stroke after collecting the UV radiations from the Sun. How the application notifies the users about the UV radiations is still under the cover.

Users who want to avoid go out side in the sun light or away from the beach picnic due to the sun burn dint need to hesitate to go on the beach with their Galaxy Note 4. The smart device will let the users know when they stand on the danger zone and going to face the attack of the sun light.