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Galaxy Note Edge introduce in FCC, will marketed by AT&T

Samsung has declared its intention and reiterated many time that is going to release Galaxy Note Edge in restricted markets and quantity. It has been introduced and presented in FCC having model number SM-N915A. The tablet is presently getting ready to be launch in the USA only and will be on the network of AT&T.


The tablet Galaxy Note Edge is decorated with 5.6 inches curved Super AMOLED screen. It is expected to have LTE connectivity and AT&T on bands 2 and 4 and also will have connectivity on US cellular bands 5 and 12. Although it is a strong rumor and almost reality that it would be launched through these carriers, yet a specific and clear time schedule is presently not known. It is strongly believed that the tablet will be released before the end of November.

However Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is being booked on pre orders in some countries. Currently pre order is in process in Germany, Japan, UK and China.

Although AT&T and US Cellular have confirmed the release of the tablet through them but the news is not complete. The pricing element like the price, terms and conditions on contract and off contract are yet not disclosed. It is an estimate that likely price of this tablet on contract would be around $399 onward as per the terms of contract.

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