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Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Difference Confirmed Report Revealed

Samsung Galaxy lovers are keenly waiting for their beloved smartphone and they already know the release date of mobile and beside the official announcement the company also confirmed two different versions of the smartphone. Users are stimulating to know what are the differences found between both Galaxy S6 Models.  Recently foreign media revealed some information about the difference between the both handsets and according to the media both Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have some difference in their appearance, display and according to the specs the price of Galaxy S6 both version will be different.

Leaked Image of galaxy S6 Edge

According to the revealed information the galaxy S6 Edge will carry the both side curved display and users can perform some tacks on their curved screen and don’t need to turn the main display on so Samsung facilitate the Galaxy S6 Edge with some extra control modes. The one feature listed in the new leak is the “Glance Lighting”. The mode turn on the lights when the call or sms come on mobile users have a customization option in this mode and they can set and adjust different color lights for call or sms.

The other main differed founds between them is the body ratio and thickness. The Galaxy S6 regular version has a bulky body in comparison with Galaxy S6 Edge. It is also expected that the battery capacity of both might be changed but still the difference will not point out yet. It is also said that the Galaxy S6 Edge will be featured with 4 GB RAM and will has 20 mega pixel rear camera.

The production of Galaxy S6 Edge will be less in quantity because of its curved display which is not only expensive and increase the production cost but also it takes time till the end of the handset making. According to the Samsung the South Korea is the first will get the handset delivery after the official confirmation and after that the other regions will get Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in the end of March.