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Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Price revealed for more than 10 countries

 In the recent past Samsung was revealed their mile stone smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge but the price tag was still behind the curtain and now the curtain is open and more than 10 countries price of the handsets are out.

The handsets will be available in the first week of April and the price is different according to the regions and version. In Austria both the smartphones will be available for 699 euro as the starting price of 32GB Galaxy S6 and 849 euro for the 32GB Galaxy S6 edge. The Galaxy S6 will sell for 5,499 DKK and Galaxy S6 edge for 6,499 DKK in Denmark. Although there is not word on the exact pricing, the range will start from 699 euro with the Galaxy S6 (32GB) and goes up to 1,049 euro for the 128GB Galaxy S6 edge in Estonia. The pricing is same for Latvia and Lithuania.

In case of Finland the Galaxy S6 (32GB) for 699 euro, (64GB) for 829 euro and (128GB) 949 euro. While the Galaxy S6 edge 849 euro (32GB), 999 euro (64GB) and 1,049 euro (128GB). There is no word on the pricing for Kazakhstan, but pre-orders will begin from March 22 and will go on sale on April 17.


Galaxy S6 will go for 6590 NOK and Galaxy S6 edge for 7,990 NOK in Norway. Both the devices are priced at Galaxy S6: 699 euro (32GB); 799 euro (64GB); 899 euro (128GB) and Galaxy S6 edge: 849 euro (32GB); 949 euro (64GB); 1,049 euro (128GB) in Spain and Slovakia. Finally, Galaxy S6: 699 CHF (32GB); 799 CHF (64GB); 899 CHF (128GB) while Galaxy S6 edge: 849 CHF (32GB); 949 CHF (64GB); 1,049 CHF (128GB) in Switzerland.