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Galaxy S6 Dual Edge its dual screen and its functionality

MCW is near and Samsung is ready to hit the event with their most awaited handset Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge which is also known as Galaxy S6 Dual Edge. The handsets will be released on 1st March one day before MWC.

Smartphones with curved display is in fashion now and most of the manufacturers are concentrating to make the device with curved display. Samsung first set the example of the edge screen by launching their first curved display device Galaxy Note Edge which was revealed last year. There is no doubt that the device got the good response from the users and their wider edge increase the charm of the Note.

Now after the successful experiment of Galaxy Note Edge company is going to launch another curved display device which is the edge version of Galaxy S6 and known as Galaxy S6 Dual Edge. The dual edge tag of the device shows that the handsets have the dual curved display which is smaller in size than Galaxy Note Edge.

prototype image of galaxy S6 Edge

The Galaxy Devices are seems to be the 5 inches display handsets so the Galaxy S6 will also come with 5.1 inches display. The hardware configuration and the screen size of the handsets are same but the edges of the Galaxy S6 edge are smaller in size and it is quite difficult to facilitate the dual edge screens with many functions because the dual edge screen don’t have large area of work but the small size of the display might give the good grip to the users over the handset. The release date of the handset is already confirmed but one major factor is still behind the wall and that is price of the handset which will be going to reveal during the event of MWC.