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Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge, 100,000 Units Sold in Just 2 Days

Reports from South Korea say that Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have seen the sale as high as 100,000 units in just 2 days’ time. It is said to be a great achievement in the middle of so many topnotch smartphone companies. The company sources say that it has seen this progress since its recent launch as seen on the company’s website on Sunday.

Both Galaxy s7 and Galaxy s7 Edge saw a sale of 60,000 (Friday) and 40,000 (Saturday) meaning by 100,000 in just two days as reported by Yonhap.

The sources say that Galaxy S7 Edge had 40 percent share of the two-day sales whereas Galaxy S7 has the share of 60%. This sale of the smartphone is at par with the last years’ sale of Galaxy S6.

One of the main features of these high-end smartphones include high-resolution cameras, increased battery capacity, water proof and water resistant technology to make this phone.


The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have come with improvements in most of its previous features including auto focusing low-light camera. It has expandable memory option missing in the previous Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 versions are a great hope for the company which hopes to get the highest ever profits through its sale.