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Google adds U.S Cellular Network to its Project Fi Coverage

Today Google announced that it has added U.S Cellular to its Project Fi Network.  The U.S Cellular is one of the superior local carriers in the United States. Some other carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile are Google’s existing network partners and now U.S Cellular joined them.

The Project Fi is unlike mobile virtual network operators such as MetroPCS or Boost Mobile because it doesn’t depend on only one network. It can easily switch between carriers to select the best network available at any given time. However, problem with the network is that you have to use Google Nexus smartphones such as Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, or Nexus 6. Other devices are not compatible to switch between networks and it won’t work.

The Project Fi automatically connects you and it is able to provide fastest network at your location. The company is continuously looking for how factors like new radio frequencies and new cell towers are affecting the real world speed. The U.S Cellular currently offers 4G LTE and functions in 23 states including rural and urban areas. This is the very first time U.S Cellular is performing as the host network to a virtual operator.

Google states that its consumers are able to spend approximately 95 percent of their cellular time on LTE network and have a connection 99 percent of the time. In coming weeks support for U.S Cellular’s network will start rolling out. The Google Fi network plans will start at $20 per month for unlimited domestic texts and calls with additional $10 per GB of data per month. However, the service doesn’t require any yearly contract.