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Google & HTC working on 8.9 Inches tablet Might Be Nexus 8

There have been plenty of rumors about Nexus 8. It is for sure Google is busy in developing a new Nexus slate with 8.9-inch display. This time HTC has been given the task to develop this device, to be released around 3rd quarter of this year. It is going to be Nexus 8.

It is interesting to note that Google does mention about some unidentified slate on its conference web page. While interpreting this device we estimated it to be something of importance, and reading between the lines, June was estimated because the same platform was used for announcing launching of new products. This was still seems to be covered in mystery.

Although the picture shown does not give us many details but it can be guessed has Nexus 8. As seen on the picture it should one speaker facing front. On the bottom side down side, the tablet has fatty bezels, therefore it cannot be called compact in size and may not be its main feature in selling. Price especially given Google's record in Nexus line is going to be quite high because the Nexus 8 to come with the latest and best hardware.