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Google Code Name Nexus 8 as Flounder Follow the HTC Pattern

Google is developing a device “Flounder” which infect is a code name for Nexus 8. So far the rumors are now becoming reality as the evidence gathers.

There have been rumors about Google developing Nexus 8 Tablet on the pattern of HTC Flounder. These rumors are now becoming a bit of reality as pieces of evidence are joining to getter. As is traditional with Google to code name its products in the initial stages and then after the device is fully developed the real name is given for example “Flo” was a code name of Nexus 7. Now the code name “flounder “ is common in Chrome Bug Report, meaning something is brewing behind the title and a news device is coming up under the name of Nexus 8 and infect will be HTC made. 

Google wishes to fill in the blank that it has in its product range their by is in the making of 8.9 inches nexus 8 tablet. Maybe the long working effort finishes for nexus line this year. It can be estimated, if the device is going to be HTC product it will have many changes and a major change maybe in the chassis design. We should not expect that nexus 8 is going to be a mid range or low price product. However no more early information would be available before the device actually appears.