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Google fixing Bug soon, causing watched out colors in 6.0 Marshmallow players

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is a latest Google's mobile operating system, this software is causing some mobiles such as Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, and Nexus 5X to wash out colors from its display. Google has accepted this fault and working to resolve this issue. 

Many users are upset and have complained the company that after the Android Marshmallow update, their mobile started to show off wash out colors. The company says that after amendments in RGB settings of mobile this issue is occurring, RBG full range is 0-255 and limited range is 16-235.  The low range causes the display washed out or blacking out the screen. The issue is more visible on OLED displays due to the nature of the display. 

One Google’s employee accepted the issue and said that “Google is working on fixing this issue, and fixing software is near to its completion. The company knows the harshness of the problem, so we will come up with complete solution soon”. 

The issue is extensive and impacting all Nexus Players 6.0 players. Google is working on fixing the issue and soon this problem will be solved. Some Nexus player users have reported the same issue in their devices. The issue is affecting Huawei Nexus 6P,and LG Nexus 5X device with diverse route causes. In both devices the issue is fixed internally and soon users will get a display which will show more natural shades. Anyhow company hasn’t shared a timeline so it is completely unknown when the issue will be resolved.  


Basically the problem is related to the software so the issue will be resolved with a simple software update. If it could be a hardware issue Google might have announced a product recollect worldwide. It would be messier to reproduce a product which a company has launched and released.