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Google initiate Android Beta Q 2 with bubbles and emulator for foldable

Published on Apr 4,2019 By Maq Ahmed Last Updated on 04-04-19 15:19:26

After a while, the first Android Beta Q, Google launch Android Beta Q 2 with a little bit new features like bubbles, emulator and of course have great stuff for developers. Google is soliciting developers to make their apps attuned with Android Q with the intention that their users can anticipate a seamless alteration when they upgrade. The emulator is recently assisting screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

Its bubbles feature to make it different from previous Android Beta Q, the bubbles are like hovering chat heads of messenger app, this mesmerizing feature provides user the opportunity of multitasking while using messaging, ongoing tasks, and updates like phone calls, and can offer quick access to notes, translations, arrival times or tasks. The new Android update gives users a more excellent control over installed and shared apps.

Google give the canary release of Android Studio 3.5 to create a foldable virtual device to support either of two hardware patterns like 7.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Fold (4.6-inch folded) and 8-inch Huawei Mate X (6.6-inch folded) with Beta 2. In each design, the emulator bestows you on-screen controls to active fold/unfold, change orientation, and quick actions. Subsequently, Beta 2 gives apps more control over audio capture through a new Microphone Direction API. Here are buzz updates that, Google is planning six betas in total during the recent year. The details of Betas are Beta 1 previously released in March, Beta 2 in April, Beta 3 in May, Beta 4 in June respectively and afterward Beta 5 and Beta 6.

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