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Google launching Android L, Nexus 9, Wear 2.0 and more in mid October

15th October is going to be a big day for Google and the mobile world is surely going to get the largest Android operating system Android L. it is a hot news in the market surrounded by many more rumors that Google is at last going to launch the new version of the most popular operating system widely used in mobile phones and other devices like tablets and phablets. It is not only the operating system that is being launched and put in the market for use in smartphones and tablets; the event is going to unfold many more things. Android L is going to be heavily featured and likely to change the users experience to more wonderful heights. The event is also going to give us Nexus 9, Android Wear 2.0 and Android TV.


In the light of the news and rumors we can only expect and guess about the new products to be launched and with this back ground can elaborate some details. It was at I/O that Google introduced Android L. the aim of introducing Android L was to provide a chance to the developers to have a look at it and make them ready to prepare for the new apps for contemplated runtime, maybe 64 bit, and the Material Design language. By now we know a lot about the operating system except the exact time of its release.

The other product expected is Nexus 9 by HTC, a device carrying 9 inches display in the category of tablets with Nvidia Tegra K1 chip. This chip is supposed to be among the very best which is considered to be the best mobile solution for gamming. Nexus 9 is expected to be equipped with high resolution screen and rumors say that like Nexus 5 it will have metal finish giving the same matte effect and premium look.

Yet another product expected from Google is Android Wear 2.0 with a boost in functionality and additional refines. Time will tell how Google would feel comparing this wearable with Apple’s Watch OS. The last product expected to be introduced is Android TV. Although Google maybe doing it in a very light mood and may not be very serious about it, yet this may be a great product in the market. Only October 15th will disclose all the facts.

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