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Google Makes Its Way To The Court, Not On The Negotiating Table against Atlantic Company

A European company of the Atlantic that is running a wireless network for the widely acclaimed Smartphones along with computer tablets has subjected the Google to the bomb attack, this relentless movies on the end of the executive of the said company.

 This news landed on the Google from the Financial Times. As per the Financial Times the executive of wireless is on the brink of the plan which is going to restrict Google ads on millions of mobiles, the attempt is being made to put the company under pressure that the revenues should be given up. As his carrier would pinch at Google’s ads in order to vex it so that having driven by forced circumstances, the chances will prop up to bring the Google to terms on the negotiating table. The executive dropped this hint to the Financial Times as vexing the Google for some hours would lead Google to the way that is appropriate.  


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Blocking ads is a very funny plan under the consideration and this pinching issue will cause the uproar among the favorites in the media as on both sides it will lead to an entangling bout, now the Atlantic is also ready to launch for this issue. Nothing, but eventually it will sprout up the violation and the idea of net neutrality. The idea behind it is that the traffic emanating from the internet should be treated on the equal footing. The censorship chances are drawing near but this is not worthy of consideration. The major issue which is attracting the attention is that Google cannot be brought round. So how a powerful company running the web is about to come under negotiations as it runs its business model in its entirety online. In other words it is an empire in its own way.    

People are spending their hard earned money to serve their purpose to logon to internet packages as they are hungry after seeking the access to the apps, web mails, video streaming and a lot they express love for. A number of other important issues are that these are funded by advertisements as per Google. A heavy investment is made in order to acquire these services. Google is adamant to contest this matter in the court of law and is never expressing willingness to get the negotiating table.