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Google Plans to Take Apple Like Approach

Published on Feb 2,2016 By Maq Ahmed

It is not hidden that Google wants more power over the building and design of smartpones. Google seems to change its policy for years. A new report now reveals that Android maker is planning to use Apple like approach in its Nexus phones. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google aspires to perpendicularly put together Google's phone operations.

For manufacturing smartphones Google’s Nexus partners has sent a team to Google headquarters. The report says that Google wants to completely change the design and other aspects of the development phase and development phase.

Google also wants its hardware contractors to be “order taker” just like the Apple grips its contract manufacturer Foxconn that produces iPhone smartphones. Obviously contract manufacturer takes permission from Apple for design and other aspects of the development.

Current Google Nexus Mobiles come with “Nexus” logo on the back of the handset. The report also says that Nexus logo may be replaced with the Google brand. Basically, the company seems to compete Apple in the high-end smartphone market.

As per report, Google CEO has given green signals to colleagues and outsiders, so the company is setting up more control over the Nexus line in software and hardware. Google already looks after software side this time company is trying to handle the hardware side as well.  This move can make Google similar to Apple which handles software and hardware both sections.

This decision would result in profitability and it would grasp more market share in the high end markets. Currently Google is using displays, processors, and other components from different manufacturers and the company plans to take the help of contractors in the future as well. The difference is that Google will be solo company who will be involved in building and producing the phones.

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