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Google Rumored to Work on In-House Smartphone to replace iPhone

 Google reportedly is working on an in-house mobile which is anticipated to see the light of the day at the end of this year. A new report from The Telegraph says that the company will release its own Android based smartphone instead of Nexus mobile.

Currently Google is negotiating with mobile operators about launch date of the smartphone. The reason behind this move is to have more control over design, and software to swap iPhone from high-end smartphone market.  The report explains that the forthcoming Google branded mobile will allow companies to expand their expertise into hardware. As per a senior source, for releasing its own branded smartphone Google will have more control over on design, software and manufacturing.

Google also aims to secure the future of its services such as Google search engine and Google Play Store which will run on the smartphone. Does that means Google will eliminate its Nexus phones ? Probably no, because CEO Sundar Pichai previously stated that Google will continue to collaborate with other manufacturers for continuing to manufacture Nexus branded handsets.

Furthermore, 9to5google received a tip at the start of this year from an anonymous which was allegedly sent from an IP address located close to Google's campus. The tip states that Google was irritated at the perception that Apple’s iPhone was the only top smartphone on the market. Google's Vice President of Design Matias Duarte also condemned iOS by calling it "heavy and burdensome."