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Google to Unveil Android N Final Name in a Couple of Months

As we already know, Google is working on its forthcoming OS Android N and a couple of months the OS was available for preview as well. Unlike before, Google is giving a golden chance to its users to name its next Android OS. The company made a web page and asking users to propose suggestions for the Android N. The users submitted their suggestions and now Google declared that the new OS will get a name in a few weeks.  

Usually, Google launches Operating System along with its novel Nexus smartphones, exposing the name before the time could be a different move. The company is seeing more developer previews in June and July month. So in a couple of weeks we can get the exact name of the OS system. Being Android user, you can also suggest a name for upcoming OS, till the date most popular option circulating around is Nutella, however there are more options as well. Let’s see what name will label the new Android N.


The firm has announced that the new name of Android N will be revealed soon in a few weeks. We expect that with name hint Google will give an official release date for the OS. A few more developer previews are yet to release so Google doesn’t seem to launch Android N before Q3. This time first developer preview of Android N came earlier than its traditional cycle thus we could see a final release soon anytime in this year. Do you want to submit your suggestions? Don’t forget to leave a suggestion in the comments below.