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Google unveiled new Android Go OS for 1 GB or lower RAM Smartphones

Published on May 18,2017 By Sajid Ayaz

Google is working hard and trying his best to cover all mid and low end devices by using latest technology. Google is leading its Android based smartphones successfully. Today (May 18), a new Android OS which the company calls Go has unveiled by google at its IO developer conference. Google said that the Android Go runs even the device has 1GB RAM or as low as 512MB RAM because it is basically a light version of Android operating system.

Before that, Google had launched Android One OS for low end smartphones and now a new Android Go OS is available for 1GB or lower RAM devices. Google keeps some differences between the theme and features of Android One and Go. We can exactly describe these differences after the launch of its Android Go based devices. Google gave us an idea about its earliest Android Go smartphones by saying that his first Android Go devices are going to appear in 2018.

Here we give some configurations about new Google’s Android Go,

By Default, a data saver feature will be on automatically. Users will get data management in quick setting by using application programming interface so the user can know easily that how much data they used and remain in their plan. One more feature is that you don’t need to visit a store or call your carrier for data allotment; you can get it inside your smartphone’s setting which is running on Android Go software. The new Android operating system is excellent for third party app developer, it supports “Building for Billion” document that helps in handling and development even in case of limited network and low hardware performance.

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