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Gorilla Glass Is More Convenient Rather Then The Sapphire Glass

Gorilla glass is used for the prevention of the mobile touch screens from the scratches and the other harm . the Gorilla glass company is plan to combat the sapphire glass.

We here  from t he resources that the new upcoming apple iphone 6 have using the sapphire glass to give t he smartphone a hardest look and prevent the screen long lasting from any harm and damages.

Yesterday in the meeting the executive of the Gorilla Glass Company revel the fact why they are not using the sapphire glass. He said the sapphire glass is one of the expensive item used for the cell phone it increased the cost of cell phone.

According to the executive the sapphire glass was consume more then enough power to show the display rather then the Gorilla Glass. He said the sapphire glass have a unfriendly user interface.

Gorilla Glass

The sapphire glass using the enough power and its consume the battery and reduce the battery life. The sapphire glass is the hard material rather then the gorilla glass. Gorilla glass have a ability to tolerate pressure as compare to the sapphire glass.

CEO said these are the main reason they don’t prefer to use the sapphire glass on their production.