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Guidelines to prevent your Apple iPhone X’s OLED display from burning

Published on Nov 6,2017 By Sajid Ayaz

Apple has made some changes in iPhone X’s visual technology which is also known as Super retina. Apple itself reported on its iPhone X support page that the OLED display of the new gen iPhone can suffer from burn-in issue or color shift at some viewing points if you use the full display brightness for all time or for a long period. For instance, you are watching a movie continuously for three to four hours at full brightness your iPhone could be damaged.

It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy high contrast videos you can use the full brightened display for a short time or by giving some break and then you can resume your video playback. Actually, the OLED display issues are not completely eradicated yet. And Apple developers are trying to eliminate OLED display issues and making it perfect for its fans. But it’s not easy and it will take some time to be happened. Apple has recommended that iPhone X users have to select auto-brightness that is the best way to get ride from display issues like shifting of colors from different viewing angles or burn-in.

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