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Hello Moto Z, Goodbye Moto X

Published on May 18,2016 By Sajid Ayaz

Lenovo’s Motorola subsidiary is setting up on altering course with 2016 models, the company sold its flagship under Moto X brand for three years. However, the change isn’t very radical, actually the firm changed the name of the brand from Moto X to Moto Z.

Whilst, it rear for mobile makers to modify their flagship lineup’s name or branding such as the iPhone 6, LG G5, or Galaxy S7. HTC was also using One brand since 2012 One X, but now the company has decided to eliminate One brand and calls its current flagship HTC 10. If we contrary about Sony the company also changed its flagship branding and it moved in contradictory directions of Motorola, from Xperia Z to Xperia X.

In addition, the company is also working on the design section, Droid Verizon is also obtaining classification tweak. The Droid Turbos and Droid Maxxs are gone, and replaced by “Droid Edition” riff on the worldwide trademark so think about Moto Z Play Droid Edition. The intact ecology of the smartphones and backplates is extensively anticipated to be exposed early next month at the Lenovo Tech World show which will held in San Francisco on June 9.

Finally the company launched most rumored Lenovo Moto G4 and Lenovo Moto G4 Plus yesterday in India. The smartphones come with stereo speakers, finest camera grip with optical zoom lens, and a pico projector. The latter one sport fingerprint scanner too. The firm announced availability details of both devices in Brazil, whilst the Plus version is already available for purchase in India.

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