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Here is why you choose Google Pixel 4 rather than Samsung Note 10

Aug-19-2019 Aug-19-2019 1793

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has unveiled in August and is ready to go on sales in September. However, the Google Pixel 4 will make a debut in October 2019, and if you’re an enthusiast won’t dislike waiting for the pixel device.

In fact, Pixel 4 and Galaxy Note 10 are amidst the best flagship smartphones of 2019. But today we have brought some reasons for which Google Pixel 4 will have an edge over Samsung Note 10.


Project Soli

The first plausible reason for picking up Pixel 4 is Google’s Project Soli. According to this, the current viewpoint of how we use smartphones will be almost changed. Soli is coming as a Radar Chip in Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL that will make impressive enhancements from Gestures Control to Security like Face ID. You will perform tasks more conveniently and will get a new seamless experience.

As per Google definition “Soli is a new sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions.”


Android 10 Q and an exclusive Google Assistant

Hey, we are not saying Galaxy Note 10 won’t receive Android Q update but don’t forget to see OneUI costume on top. The Google Pixel 4, however, will run Android 10 out of the package, and as usual, the pixel smartphone will deliver pure Android content, with no overlay.

What you would like to say about future Android updates and security patches? Pixel devices won’t stop getting upgrades just see the first Google Pixel, 2 or 3 is receiving Android 9, however, had launched years ago. In short, for a goggle smartphone, you have no deadline for Android OS updates, at least right now.

Coming to the next, Google has recently announced that they add some exclusive features only to Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL for Google Assistant. Furthermore, Pixel 4’s GA will be smart and will collect lesser data to maintain user privacy, and hence you will be more efficient and more secure.

Special Camera Algorithms by Pixel 4

Samsung camera hardware is outstanding, but you should not ignore software importance. Google is going to improve both software and hardware. The giant tech promised to integrate some special camera algorithms for inspiring photography. Those camera software upgrades may or may not deliver to other Pixel or Android Q consumers.

Now it’s up to you whether wait for Pixel 4 to see what’s new, or go to the Samsung for its latest soul, the Galaxy Note 10.

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