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HTC brings out its champions for awards

Android Updates matter to so many people now a days there are now more people who understand the true potential of smartphones and wish to get the best out their phones. All of the companies now work with metal and glass all around their devices showcasing pumped up specs every year but the real quality that differentiates between the best phone of the year and a disappointment is the software. Many of the smartphones out there in the lot run on Google's open source OS, Android. Android has brought sweetness into the lives and gold into the pockets of these manufacturers. Every year, the best of the lot, the ones to sell the most and most prestigious of the company's phones get an update for next version of an Android. All else are left lurking in the dark shadows of software upgrade discontinuity. You can always root your device to free it from all the restrictions. The ROMS that you flash might look visually similar to the Android N but will definitely fail to provide the functionality engraved in this new offering from Google.

Android N just rolled out at the Google I/O conference and with it came the debate of which smartphones will get the valuable update. What we got from the conference was a developer preview thatenlisted all the functionality improvements offered by the new and sweeter android N delivers. The final version of the update will make it to the Nexus smartphones later this year and some of the big phones of other biggies out there. HTC, a Taiwanese smartphone company, just became this year's first to announce its champions of war and declared them worthy of a reward. However, HTC did not disseminate the information of when will they give away the software upgrade but the devices disclosed by the company are the ones that will surely get it.

Using twitter as it platform for disclosure, HTC made it clear that the flagship phone of 2016 i.e. the HTC 10, HTC One A9 and the HTC One M9 are the handsets which will be receiving the Android N update. Timeline has not been released as inferenced from the fact that this information would only be liable if Google releases its upgrade. More details will only make their way through when Google announces the Android N release date.

However, the beta version has made it to all Nexus devices like the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Both Nexus 5X and 6P and many others. If you own one of the devices and are eager to test them out, the update will roll out in the form of an OTA Update package. HTC has revealed a lot of information pertaining to the latest Android release. People owning the mentioned devices can sit back and wait comfortably for the update while other people owning phones of companies other than HTC continue to wait to know whether their devices are the lucky ones. Until then, congratulations to all the users of HTC phones mentioned above, May this Android Update be sweeter for you than ever before.