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HTC is making the next Nexus Tablet and re entering the market

HTC had abandoned to make the tablets because of its some mishaps in 2011. It could not create the expected demand in the market. Even the pioneer of Android felt it appropriate to give up making the tablets. Once again the rumors are hot in the media and hopefully these rumors have some basis of reality, indicate HTC comeback in the field of making tablets. In fact rumors are being produce at mass scale. They must be having some inkling about HTC determination to re enter the field with vigor.  However when it is matter of rumors, we need to be careful in believing them totally.  Compelled by the rumors a senior HTC official finally had to speak up to break the news that HTC was determined to produce 8.9 inches Nexus 9. That gives us also the surety of this new Nexus tablet of 8.9 inches size display.


Focus Taiwan confirmed that the HTC president of North Asia has said in a briefing to the press that HTC was actually preparing Nexus 9 tablet. He said it was "HTC's commitment" and it was HTC’s second vigorous attempt to make this tablet and enter force fully in the market of tablets. He further declared that the tablet would be in the Taiwanese market around end of the year. But the commentators have further drawn the deductions that it may come in the market while the Google tablet is still in the planning phase. HTC is holding an event today in New York. Apparently the event is for HTC Desire Eye and mainly to highlight the 13 mega pixel camera of Desire Eye. It is shown that the event is not about Nexus 9.

Going back a little when nothing was said about HTC coming back to tablet market, it was still rumor. That time was not appropriate for tablet markets because Apple was already trying hard to push its iPad into the markets and to the consumers, the demand had already saturated. Maybe things change when Google tries to make Nexus 9 more compact and accomplished. The price factor would be decisive in determining the fate of the device. Maybe the low price trend causes difficulties for the HTC to make good business out of the tablet market.   HTC may have already considered this factor while deciding to enter the tablet market.

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