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HTC Is The Next Maker Of Nexus 8 Tablet Asus May Be Defeated By HTC

Another gossip is stating that the Nexus 8 will be occurring, however it won't be made by Asus, it could be made by HTC.

There are a couple conceivably huge changes on the route for the Nexus program. There have been bits of gossip that the Nexus project may be arriving at an end soon, however Google does clearly still have plans for a couple new Nexus gadgets not long from now.

Once more, there have been gossipy tidbits that HTC was taking a shot at a Nexus tablet with Google that might be discharged in Q3, however the reasoning had been that it was the catch up to the Nexus 10 that might be made by HTC. Notwithstanding, a report from Digitimes is stating that "upstream store network" sources are seeing confirmation that HTC is really fabricating the Nexus 8, which could be a 8.9-inch tablet that we've known about some time recently. It appears that Google had really needed HTC to manufacture the first Nexus 7, and had connected with the organization before reaching Asus, however HTC was excessively occupied with cell phones at the time. Given how HTC's offer of cell phones has gone, we're not certain HTC settled on the right decision there.

The two Nexus 7 tablets were discharged in the June through August timeframe, not long after the Google I/O meeting, and the Nexus 8 will probably be following in that same arrangement, as the same inventory network sources are stating that Google is pointing for a Q3 discharge for the tablet.  The Nexus 8 likewise may not be much of an occasion for Google, however. Word has it that the Nexus tablets have basically satisfied their motivation of "boosting Android's entrance in the tablet showcase", so there won't be as much of a push behind the Nexus 8. Probably, it will at present be very prominent with the force client swarm.