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HTC Launches Viveport App for Virtual Reality Headset

To provide users a diverse range of content HTC Company launched a new App Store for its Virtual Reality Headset HTC Vive. The beta version of the app store will be available initially for developers and later in autumn the app store will be rolled out for consumers in 30 countries. HTC states in a Vive blog, the apps will permit people to explore “crazy-cool, immersive experiences,"

The company claims that, the Viveport will have all greatest and latest experiences that the technology has to offer and we expect to offer a rich variety of software to the store. HTC says, the app store will contain thrilling content and new categories for VR such as education, information, sports, social media, news, 360-degree video, travel, health, shopping, and much more.

The Viveport is created with an aim to provide a platform for long term commitment between consumers and developers in the discovery of VR experience and paid apps. Moreover, the cherry on the top is Vive Home is a momentous update at the same time when Viveport goes official with many foretell features.

To diversify product portfolio and compete in global smartphone market, HTC launched HTC Vive at MWC in March 2015, and went on sale in April. The company intends to launch the second generation of HTC Vive at the end of 2016 or at the start of next year. The company added eight business enterprises to its virtual reality expansion for fund boosting.