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HTC Nexus 9 Seep out, the handset will be Discussed in Google IO

We discovered tons of news and rumors about the Google Nexus tablets. The rumors floating that the HTC is going to develop the next upcoming Nexus device for Google. Recent information declares the existence of this upcoming device.

According to the recently leaked information the tablet has a name Nexus 9 might be, it would be change before the handset hit the markets. According to the resources the handset has an 8.9 inches LCD screen with 2048 x 1440. The handset will be equipped with dual-core 64-bit Tegra Login chip from Nvidia. It is expected that the handset has a 2 GB RAM, with the option of 16 or 32 GB internal storage. Although the external memory is not being specified yet. The handset is featured with 8 Mega Pixel rear camera and 3 Mega Pixel front facing camera with optical image stabilization.

HTC develops the Nexus 9 so it is expected that the handset has a metal body instead of plastic, but no solid evidence find till today, but one thing is confirmed that the handset has a stereo speakers located on the front side of the handset.

The expected price for this new Nexus 9 device is 399 USD for the 16 GB version and if any users want to buy the 32 GB version they need to pay 100 USD more for that. When the handset takes the official placement is still under the hood, but it is strongly expected that the handset will make the debut before the end of this year.