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HTC One 2-rumors about HTC's next flagship smart phone

HTC fans you would be wise to clutch your caps since the organization's freshest lead phone is right around the corner. Wanted to take after its antecedent, the flawless HTC One, the HTC One 2  most likely will be quicker, better gifted, and more great.

We've been keeping close tabs on all the wonderful goodies produced by the smart phone gossip process in the course of the most recent few months. Thus we have a really great thought what HTC has up its sleeve. Without a doubt, huge numbers of the hard insights in regards to the One 2 remain fluffy. Indeed thus, the diagram of the unit's profile, smooth new characteristics, and capable parts are gradually moving into centering. Stay tuned as we'll overhaul this post to reflect every new advancement as it happens until HTC eventually starts its most recent corona handset.

Clearly HTC will extend the One 2's screen, excessively, stretching its board to 5 inches up from the first HTC One's 4.7-inch show. An alternate key improvement is a full 3gb apportioning of RAM, surely to match no less than 32gb of inside space .

So far HTC has stayed silent on the subject of any successor to the HTC One. Since the organization revealed the One this week a year ago, and we're only three weeks from the begin of Mobile World Congress, we're expected for a swap any day now. Assuming that the supposed handset doesn't make a big appearance at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, then we'll doubtlessly see what HTC was in the works before long. After all spring is smart phone season with a lot of people enormous names in the business customarily deciding to advertise new mechanisms at MWC.