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HTC One M8 ACE Appears in Blue, Red White and Gray Color

HTC One M8 Ace still is in the mystery and we don’t have any official confirmation from the HTC officials but the HTC has confirmed the existence of this handset to be released in the initial week of June. Some images leak and let the users know that the handset will be available in China in various color red, blue, grey, and white.

The M8 Ace has a different look from the previously shown and approved in China in the middle of May. The handset has a dual front facing speakers like its predecessor HTC ONE M8; it defers in camera placed at the rear and is 13Mega Pixel with a single lens with LED flash. There is another difference, One M8 is made in metal whereas the M8 Ace is plastic made. The HTC M8 Ace is small in size from the HTC ONE M8 original; it has a 4.7-inch display with 1080pixcels resolution. The processor is same as a HTC One M8 original i.e. quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801.

It is still unclear that the HTC One M8 Ace will be available worldwide or its availability will be restricted to China and Taiwan only but the one fact is constant handset is cheaper than the real HTC One M8.