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HTC One M8 Dual SIM would not be available globally

HTC German officials confirm the existence of Dual SIM version of HTC ONE M8 flagship. As per official announcement the new dual SIM variant of HTC ONE M8 will hit the selected markets. The handset will be available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in couple of days with the price tag of €799. The new version has an extra cost. The original HTC ONE M8 is available in €570 in Europe.

There is no difference between the original and HTC ONE M8 DUAL SIM version. All specifications are same but the new variant has one major change. The new handset supports DUAL SIM. The new version has same 5 inches display with Snapdragon processor and Duo camera.

The Dual SIM version of HTC ONE M8 is available in grey color now. HTC still did not deliver any words of the releasing of this handset in the other markets but hidden resources revealed the fact that the handset would be available in Russia as well but the confirm date is not on the surface yet.

For now we have only this information available. When we have other information we will let our users know.