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HTC One Mini (M8) is a costly set in Europe with 520 euro Price Tag

HTC One Mini (M8) is considering being a costly set in Europe. The retailers complained about the high prices.

It is with reference to Finland, consider to the expensive country particularly pricing of the technology. The two retailers have commented on very high price of the HTC One Mini (M8). It cost 720$ or 520€, although it’s includes taxes etc. No European or American user will be happy with this set for against this high price and they would rather avoid spending money on this and would be looking for some saving.

One mini (M8) is not a common device which can be termed as economical and for common use. It has 4.5 inch display with 720 pixel resolution and emulates the original variant having metallic body. It has good specifications which sound very high; Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 has been replaced with a Dual- Core snapdragon 400 processor. 4 MP ultra pixel cameras in the original version have been replaced by 13 megapixel shooter in the HTC ONE MINI (M8) and has dual camera.


It cannot be said with conformity as to intentions of HTC for launching this product HTC ONE MINI (M8). In any case, you have enough time for evaluating whether you will buy this premium featured device for this high price or not. Users will decide its fate once it appears in the market.