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HTC preparing HTC One M8i with Fire Fox OS and Snapdragon 615 SOC

It is through the Chinese media that has uploaded rumors and tweets about HTC. With reference to HTC this media has given out some speculations and planning. In these news and rumors it is expected that HTC is developing a new smartphone named HTC ONE M8i. There are many images of the flagship HTC ONE M9 and HTC Hima leaked and it is expected that the new handsets will be on the surface with the official announcement on 1st March 2015. The new handset is going to be the mid range smartphone and expectedly will run Firefox operating system instead of Android. The handset is also known as M8_QL.


According to the rumors the upcoming mid ranger is probably equipped with Snapdragon 615 MSM8939. If we think over the processor it will be same as Desire 820 because the handset bears the tag HTC ONE. It is also predict that the HTC ONE M8i will come in metal body. The Firefox operating system developed for the smartphones has not yet been tested practically by the users but this is going to be the regular feature in the HTC smartphones. On the other side there is yet a doubt whether this operating system is actually being developed.

Well there is no other information about the handset is out but the handset is under development and if the rumors come true users will get the HTC handset with Firefox operating system pretty soon.