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HTC's Nexus 9 tablet might make the debut on 8th October with Tegra K1 Processor


Recently HTC take the charge in Brazil and Portuguese with their manufacturing plant. Users are already heard a lot about the Nexus 9 device. Recently some more information about the device is revealed. As we know this is the first Nexus device of the year 2014 and we already know that HTC design and make this device for Google. It is expected that the HTC unveil the tablet during their 8th October event which is hold in New Your City.  The new feature of the camera is water proofing and will be called GoPro camera and “Tube Shaped”. Its 16 mega pixel sensor controls the wireless connectivity for remote control through your mobile device and it will be done by an application developed by HTC itself.

 Although we do not intent diving with this camera but we certainly appreciate the beauty aspect of the Nexus 9 as has been the tradition of HTC. However other specs are awaited yet some features are known. It is expected to have fast Tegra K1 64- bit processor, which excels all standards archived. It will further have 3GB RAM. It is also expected that the slate will run Android L instead of KitKat. But this may not come true now. Other specs include 9" 1080p display, 16 GB of storage, and a microSD slot for expansion with up to 128 GB more.

The source of the news comes through NVIDIA whose processor Nexus 9 would be using and it confirms that HTC Nexus 9 will definitely come to the market, probably in October 8th. Well we have to wait until the event start and give us the details about the devices of HTC.

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