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HTC Vive smartphone, An interesting teaser.

Published on Jan 9,2017 By Sajid Ayaz

With the recent boom in the VR technology, almost every entertainment conglomerate has invested in launched devices that enable users to immerse themselves into the new universe of virtual reality.



The Taiwanese manufacturers of smartphones launched its Vive division, bringing to the public VR headsets and more. In a recent 90 second video posted on Twitter by evleaks, a well known and regarded as a reliable source on “unofficial” news, on 8th January, teases us with multiple images of a new smartphone bearing the HTC logo alongside the signature Vive logo and name. The phone cases show a revolutionizing styling with 3 different materials; Fiber, Chemical and Litmus. Stating that the phone should be as expressive as the user themselves.

In the video, we get an impression of some very unique and unlikely merging of tech clearly showing a clear degree of risk to reward analysis by the company but we can expect to be in for a pleasant surprise. Could this be the company’s new flagship and released as the new HTC Vive phone instead of continuing as the HTC 11? It gets very confusing without any official announcements.

As of yet, there has been no clear indication as to how long would we have to wait for this new invention, either it will officially be revealed at the upcoming Mobile World Congress or will it take a few months...


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