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HTC work on new Windows Phones Blue

HTC didn't do much to fan the blazes of future Windows Phones on Friday, expressing that "nothing solid" is in the works with respect to future items.

HTC executives took to the pages of Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" session that secured the organization's item method, as to characteristics like its utilization of the Sense UI versus its Google Play Edition.

Sadly, the organization was obscure when discussing what's to come for Windows Phone. Client "0157h7" asked, focus spotless, "Is HTC done with Windows Phone?"

Leigh Momii, an item administrator for HTC, made a case. HTC

To say "done with Windows Phone" is a pretty cover proclamation. I don't think an organization, for example, ourselves can ever say that focus spotless. As solid accomplices of Microsoft, we're working with Microsoft on the Blue upgrade on Windows Phone 8x and will keep on taing new items into attention. Nothing solid at this moment, yet who knows!

On the other hand, as client "jpspiderman" put it: "So far they've said that they haven't discounted Windows Phone totally however that is all they've said - no true duty."

"What he said," the HTC group answered.

It wouldn't be abnormal if HTC chose to put its Windows Phone moves toward hold, or abandon them totally. The point when Microsoft reported the $7.17 billion arrangement a year ago, IDC had recently reported that Nokia ended 81.6 percent of all Windows Phones sold. "precision helps make the business sector for all Windows Phones," Microsoft said, a feel of doublespeak that inferred that securing Nokia would really advertise differing qualities around Windows Phone accomplices. That thus provoked a few experts to address the arrangement and its long haul consequences for the Windows Phone biological community.

In the event that nothing else, it gives the idea that HTC 8x clients will anyhow be getting the Windows Blue overhaul, an alternate name for Windows Phone 8.1. In any case when you're searching for new Windows Phone equipment, it appears as though you might as well stay concentrated on Nokia and phones like its new Lumia Icon, for the present.