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HTC working on a Selfie phone codenamed Eye

Reportedly HTC is busy in working hard for a smartphone that presently is for some secrecy is codenamed Eye. It will feature a camera specifically dedicated for taking self portraits; we can say it is camera focused smartphone for the users having photographic interest more than functions of a mobile phone.

HTC is trying to make this smartphone perfect by doing all sort of experiments in consultation with imaging department and it is two years they are on it from all aspects. The new HTC One M8 carries a Duo camera system for capturing images with their depth and true colors. Presently HTC is now busy in making their smartphone HTC Selfie perfect in great imaging features for the users who are interested in self imaging and satisfy their desire of self appreciation to see how great they look in different poses. It is said through rumors that HTC will make it an ideal smartphone for selfies.

HTC has developed UltraPixel technology even more and made Duo camera installed in One M8. Watching the current trend of self portrait or selfie, now HTC is working to develop ‘Eye’ smartphone which will be exclusively for self portrait. HTC intends releasing it for the US market somewhere in fourth quarter of this year. So far no other details are known.