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IDC Estimates Smart Watch Sale is declined by 25 percent

The Apple watch is functional and fashionable and it’s available in different type of material, colors and seven different kinds of straps. A research agency IDC estimates sale for smartwatches worldwide, the company estimated sale of watches for second quarter of 2016 and the news is not fine for Apple. According to a new report from IDC, sale of Apple watch is decreased by 25% since the product was released in 2015.

The research company approximates that Apple debuted 3.5 million units in the April-to-June quarter which is quite less than last year 5.2 million units in last year quarter. In terms of market share Apple upholds 47 percent market share which is huge share in the Smartwatches market. However, it is 25% less than last year Apple watch market share, last year Apple secured 72% market share. There’s a significant difference between 2016 year sale and 2015 year sale which seems main collapse in Apple profits.

The watch maker is set to bring WatchOS 3 as upgraded operating system for its Smartwatch in this fall. The OS was expected to come with better performance and features but Apple hasn’t released any hardware update to its watch yet so many possible buyers may be waiting for the next Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 2 is also expected to hit the market as redesigned product in the following autumn. As per research agency, the rest four major Smartwatch such as such as Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and Garmin are making significant sales. 

The IDC's research manager for wearables, Ramon Llamas, forecasts that Apple watch’s sale will boost up next year when the firm will launch new applications and cellphone-connected features in its watch.  As compared to other Smartwatch makers Apple is unhurried in introducing new devices but Apple watch has seized major share in the market.