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Images Confirm Nokia X2 has a front facing camera with flash

Nokia announced the new handset named Nokia X2 on Monday morning. They think probably the OS is already built in the handset. This is the mysterious point and for that we have to wait until the handset will not be officially revealed. Fortunately the back images of this new handset show Nokia X2 is the successor of the predecessor Nokia X and users can compare the Nokia X2 with previously launched Nokia X.

It is still the rumor that new Nokia X2 is featured with 1 GB RAM, and the handset will be embedded with Snapdragon 200 chipset. At the same time the new handset images show that the handset has a flash is front facing camera. This is the feature newly added in Nokia X2 and Nokia X does not have a flash feature. It is expected that the users love to see the new feature in Nokia X2.

For more information about Nokia X 2 we have to wait and check the official updates regularly for this new Nokia X2 but till then our users have to stay with us. When we have new information we will surly share the information with our visitors.