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Information About One Plus One Display And Some Working Features Leaked

A few days, the cell phone industry could be unforgiving. Oneplus One, the Chinese up-begin that needs to one-up all cell phones out there with its approaching Oneplus One, is getting punched from two sides today.

To start with, the Great God of portable releases distributed a photograph of the Oneplus One's extravagant innards for the general public's viewing pleasure. We have its show, within its case, and the motherboard. There's not a ton to find from the photograph, yet we need to note that the parts appear to be greatly overall created. They give out that "custom-manufactured" quality that is ordinary of high-end gear. Take a gander at the logo and the "planned by Oneplus" marking on the board - they aren't even intended to be seen from the outside, yet they are there! The showcase board's shape, in the mean time, looks a ton like that of the Oppo Find 7. This is to a degree foreseeable, given that Oneplus is established by Oppo expats.

In the cell phone world, such holes are equivalent to a big name's paparazzi shots spilling out and the more smoking the VIP, the crazier everybody goes. In truth, the Oneplus One isn't exactly as fever prompting as the following iphone or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, yet its one of 2014's most built up cell phones all things considered. You know why, on the grounds that we've sung the tune about its high-end specs and low-end value enough times recently.

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