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iPad Air 2 with Apple A8X , Tri Core CPU and 2GB RAM revealed and confirmed

Recently Apple has announced iPad Air 2 with very high sounding claims that it is the slimmest tablet in the world so far available in the market. Moreover the 2nd generation of this device has come with even more surprising characteristic by installing Apple A8X system chip. We came to know about this chipset something wonderful. It compressed number of transistors in A8X up to 3 billion whereas it was 2 billions in A8 and 1 billion in A7. It is certainly a big high jump from A7 to A8X and 1 billion to 3 billion. Certainly it is a big achievement. More than this we do not know about the inside capability of Apple A8X it is a 20nm chip. Along with this powerful chipset we must know about the processor and the GPU place inside the iPad Air 2.


iPad Air 2 is still awaited appear in the market and reach the outlet points. Some eager persons did get the chance to read through the benchmarks and get the information. They dug out wonderful information. It is through Geek bench that we know the iPad Air 2 is equipped with not common tri core CPU and each core has increased speed from 1.4 GHz in A8 and 1.5GHz in A8X.

The one extra core is based on the reason that the tablet has compressed 1 billion more transistors and also the reason that iPad Air is entirely a different product in its features and is for superior to iPhone series. Previously in the last year there was no such distinction, both iPhone and iPad had the same Apple A7 chip but this year Apple has given a distention to the tablet by placing more powerful components.

iPad Air 2 has 2 GB RAM and with a big difference double memory than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These features give the iPad Air 2 the ability of multi tasking.      

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