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iPhone 6 have a different look, might have a curved display with shiny Apple Logo

We already heard a lot about the upcoming iPhone 6, there is another report coming from Japan and published by Nikkei is on the surface.

Before we discuss this report we have to take a quick look in the previous news that clearly told us that the new upcoming iPhone 6 has a metal frame with plastic gripping strips. Although that was not the final design and the handset is on the surface as a dummy unit, but one thing is confirmed that the iPhone 6 have a resemblance with the iPhone 5s by design.

There is another difference found in the handset. The Apple logo is placed in the body of the handset but in the curved shape. The curved logo we already seen in the previously leaked images and now the Japanese Nikkei is also confirmed the curved logo feature. The logo will make the glow same as the Apple laptops logos glow.

The main part of this report is the upcoming handset might have a curved display and follow the foot steps of LG. Before the iPhone 6 LG G Flex with the curved display is on the surface. If it happens the iPhone6 has a new pretty look.

Still this is only the rumor we have to wait until the iPhone 6 will hit the markets. Expectedly the handset will come on the surface in the second week of September.