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There are rumors or maybe potential leaks in the market that Apple might be going to change the appearance of the iPhone 6 by adding a new style of trademark or Apple logo on the back of the smart phone for the next generation. The new logo is said to be having a new style and it will light up to notify you if you have any missed calls or text messages that you didn’t notice.

We have seen this technology in most of the smart phone models by Nokia and it is not that new feature either but Nokia is using it for years in its smart phone models. But the difference in Apple and Nokia is that Nokia uses this feature in the front facing keypad where breathing light blinks fast when you have a notification where on the other hand, Apple has decided to add this feature to the rear side of the smart phone.

It is not confirmed that the Apple trademark will be the same on the iPhone 6 or there will be a change in the style or design of the logo on this smart phone for the next generation but there is one thing for sure that Apple is going to adopt a new approach to the outlook or exterior of the new smart phone, the iPhone 6.

From the moment we heard about the new model of iPhone 6 from Apple, we are seeing hundreds of leaks and rumors about the new model of iPhone but neither of these leaks are confirmed nor denied by the officials which means that until we get our hands on the actual model of iPhone 6 in next month, we can’t say anything for sure but you should understand that there is some truth about these rumors as people can’t imagine these leaks by themselves until someone from inside wants them to know about it.

We haven’t seen the actual model or any possible design for iPhone 6 but there are some leaks that are pretty much confirmed about the new smart phone model by Apple. For example, we know for sure that even if Apple won’t include a sapphire glass on the display of the iPhone 6, this phone will have a fingerprint scanner made with the same unbreakable and tough glass. Also we know that iPhone 6 will be released in two different models; one with standard 4.7 inch display and the other with bigger 5.5 inch display.

Before it was claimed that both of these models will have different sized batteries but recently, we have heard some news that both of these handsets will have the same 1810mAh batteries. Although the hardware configuration will be different for both of these models but we know that they will share most of the features together.


Apple has stated that iPhone 6 will be launched in September or October of this year and if the new is true, there is not much time left in the plate of Apple. In fact, we have also heard that Apple has started mass production of the iPhone 6 units and it is claimed by the officials that they are planning to sell more than 5 million units of iPhone 6 around the world.