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Notwithstanding, Michael Walkley of Cannacord Genuity cleared up that Apple is not by any stretch of the imagination alone at the top as Samsung's Galaxy mechanisms, particularly the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note arrangement, will keep on sluging it out with the tech titan's approaching iphone models.

As per Apple Insider, Walkley surrendered that during the current year, upscale cell phones characteristic noteworthy specs, for example, "a somewhat quick processor, marginally better illustrations, insignificantly better Polaroid, somewhat more slender structure element and marginally greater screen." 

However "we strolled far from CES basically unable to recognize what was new or distinctive about any of the basically indistinguishable looking LTE Android cell phones presented," said the examiner in an exploration note issued to moguls.

So for the year 2014, the cellular telephone rivalry will be for the most part characterized by brand and environment, in which Apple and Samsung flourish, included Walkley.

The Cannacord expert demands that his conjecture is not without groundwork, indicating the record December 2013 quarter that Apple will probably report later this January. By Cannacord's appraisals, around 80 million ios units were sold in the most recent three months of 2013. 

From these numbers, 54 million are iphones and the pack is likely commanded by Apple's 2013 leader, the iphone 5s, with sufficient assistance from the less-exorbitant iphone 5c.

And there is motivation to accept that Apple will maintain its Q4 2013 execution in the better some piece of 2014 as the iphone producer probably make its cell phones additionally intriguing by extending the screen size and further enhancing showcase determination.

As per NDP Displaysearch, two iphones may as well turn out later in the year bearing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens. The previous will be showcased in 1600 x 900 determination with pixel thickness of 386ppi while the recent is a 1080p mechanism that will brag of 401 pixels for every inch.

Displaysearch investigator David Hsieh told Gotta Be Mobile that the showcase board knocks that Apple will realize is the way to accomplish incredible deals numbers as "the presentation is the most vital client interface for apparatuses, which use it to give separation and empower inventive characteristics."

The same GBM report noted that Hsieh called it exactly when Apple initially presented the Retina presentation board with the ipad 3 in the first 50% of 2012, giving robust assurance to prior reports that the following iphone will come in two constructs - unified with a screen estimate that is not too a long way from that of the iphone 5s and an alternate that will rival Android and Windows phablets.

Long ago, discharge date of the iphone 6 is rumoured to come around May 2014 yet with a specific end goal to suit the processing of an improved Touchid unique mark sensor, it is currently accepted that the rollout is situated for late Q3 2014.