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iPhone 6 New Feature Solar Charging - Rumors Or Fact Behind The Truth

iphone 6 may not be started for months from now. At the same time Apple's cutting edge iphone has recently been creating several rumors.

As per a Seeking Alpha examiner, Apple is taking a shot at an innovation that may expedite the 2014 iphone secured in sapphire glass with little sun powered boards inserted in its blanket. The minor sun powered boards will help energize the iphone electric storage device when presented to an in number wellspring of light.

The Cupertino-based organization will additionally offer the innovation in the new ipod Touch versions yet in the company of persevering rumors that Apple will no more start the following gen ipod line whose bargains have been persistently dropping as the years progressed.

The expert said Apple now holds an assortment of patents for sun oriented charging portable mechanism innovation and has recently marked a concurrence with GT Advanced Technologies to improve its sapphire display covers late in 2013. The most recent reports showed Apple will discharge two iphone versions with one having a screen greater than 4.5-inches while the other one above 5-inches.