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iPhone 7 reportedly to have Brilliant Wireless Charging Technology

Published on Jan 29,2016 By Maq Ahmed

Apple reportedly is working on wireless technology for iPhone and iPad. Apple might be slow in introducing new technology but the company always tries to do something unique and different with the technology.  Apple was late in introducing NFC payment technology, but it combined NFC payment with a fingerprint scanner.



A new report claims that Apple is working on wireless technology. The company is in combining effort with its Asian partners to introduce a new wireless technology for its upcoming phone that will be capable of charging a device from a quite farther place. For charging a device with the wireless technology, consumer will need to have a charging mat in order to be charged. The report didn’t mention that at what distance charging of device would be possible and how the technology would work out but, the report utter words about whether the technology would be included in iPhone 7 or not.


One question can be raised that at what distance users will be able to charge their device because back in 2012 Apple didn’t filled patents for near filed magnetic resonance that is able to charge device from 1 meter distance.  The insights of the report are not known yet but it is expected that Apple will introduce new technology soon. It is also heard that in iPhone 7, Apple is dropping headphone jack which will cause to bring a slim device than its predecessors. The phone will come in September of this year, so you have to wait few months to experience unique technology by Apple. 

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