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iPhone 7 Supply Chain Reports no 3.5mm Audio Jack

Published on Feb 21,2017 By Maq Ahmed

Change is inevitable no one can stop this. The same thing will happen most probably with iPhone 7 model. A report came from iPhone 7 supply chain, it claims that Apple’s next flagship will not contain 3.5 mm audio jack. There will be the option of wired headphones, and wireless Bluetooth. 3.5 mm lightening will also exist.

Apple is planning to make iPhone 7 thinner, and to drive sales of wireless headphones.  According to a trustworthy source, Mac Otakara, iPhone user will have to use an all in one lightening connector. The report says that the new equal sized Lightening connector will support Lightening equipped headphones.

The mobile will also have a DAC (Digital to Analog) convertor for backwards, which will be compatible with wired headphones. The headphones will use standard 3.5mm stereo jack. In other words, a user will have to buy lightening adapter which Apple will sell you probably along with the device.

With this move, we can predict a drawback that your expensive Lightning headphones won’t work on your PC and on devices by other companies as well. In September 2012, Apple launched Airpods which were shipped with iPhone 5 and sold separately for $28. In four years the company hasn’t do anything unusual to refresh its product.

The news also says that the company is planning to introduce its own lightening equipped Ear pods. These Ear pods would probably be shipped with iPhone 7 or would be sold separately. It is also expected that the company will introduce beats branded headphones that will use lightening port.

Consequently, iPhone lovers will be annoyed because their existing iPhone’s headphones will not work with upcoming flagship iPhone 7. This reaction wouldn’t stop Apple from experiment. Might be it won’t happen with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s, the company can kill headphone jacks or 2017 or 2018 models. 

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